Digistik Podcast with Packaging 360

In this episode of Packaging Talks powered by HP Indigo, Manan Chandok and Reena Yadav from Digistik in conversation with Dr.R.Rangaprasad of Packaging360, share how they are using  Digital Printing to enable Labels on Demand and build a business case around it.

They discuss the motivation towards adopting digital printing technology and in the process have built core competence in short runs to meet customer requirements. The lockdown situation presented numerous logistical challenges, however with the power of digital printing by HP Indigo they rose to the occasion and were able to serve not only large brands but also upcoming brands in the healthcare & cosmetics sectors.

Manan & Reena also share the company’s vision & growth plans for the future. Digistik pride itself in being a startup for startups.

Ep 5 – Digital Printing enables Labels on Demand with Digistik

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