Food and Packaging Labels- An ideal Alliance

Continued Growth in Labels of Food Packaging
Packaging and the demand for personalized labels have been trending in the food market since much before the Covid-19 situation sent the world spiraling. The global lockdowns, however, making staying at home the new norm, have sent the demand for packaged foods and home deliveries, rocketing to the moon Now more than ever, consumers seek comfort in the knowledge that what they are ordering is reaching them from legit sources. Standardized packaging and accurate labeling of goods not only supply an opportunity in branding for the businesses but have also emerged as a means of placing the common consumer at ease about the authenticity of their orders.

This article, featured in The Business Standard [Click me], discusses the rapid growth in the packaged foods industry well before the world was hit by a crippling pandemic.  

Packaged food Labels
There is a delicate balance between standing out on the shelf whilst being able to provide product details on the package. Digital labeling techniques offer a wide range of functions when it comes to creating anything from the intricate to the massive. From generating labels small or big, to matching colors and textures, Digital printing comes up all aces with its quickest delivery in the market and no minimum order quantity. The technique suits all businesses and opens up a market that had previously remained closed or had been tediously expensive for small and medium businesses. From breakfast foods to snacks meats and vegetables to beverages, labels are required on just about every product. It’s of paramount importance that the labels correctly communicate the directions for use, as well as its ingredients and safety information about the product. These labels often require fine text – so the print quality is of the utmost importance. This has made a giant market for labels, especially digitally printed, which is Digistik’s forte. 

Packaged food containers are often retained in households for long periods. So, labels not only make the packaging more attractive but leave an impression of the brand for a long duration. No other segment in the market has such variety and sustainability.

Partnering for Packed food labels
The market of packaged food requires its labels to be delivered quickly and with no compromises with quality. Digistik manufactures labels at the highest market standard, with absolute accuracy, and allows its clients the liberty to create variations to any scale of production. The method of Digital printing at Digistik also enables businesses to meet their delivery deadlines quicker, with a turnaround time that is a mere fraction of what the traditional providers promise in the market, all the while requiring no Minimum Order Quantity. 

The amount of flexibility Digistik offers, can bring about a revolution in labeling and branding, and promises to lead the company into an ideal marriage with the packaged foods industry.

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