The Brand Talk: Alpspure Nutra success story with Digistik

Sandeep Dahiya

Sandeep Dahiya, Founder & Managing Director for Alpspure Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd decodes the importance of labels for any brand,  the pain areas of a Start-up in the context of Label Printing and his expansion plans

Sandeep Dahiya -In conversation with Priyanka Rathi, Media & Marketing Specialist-Digistik


PR: Labels are important for Products, what is your opinion as a Brand.

SD: ‘Let’s try this product’, this is the very first thought which comes to a customer’s mind when the product has an appealing label. Packaging & labelling creates the first impression. A unique label with a great design and appealing colour scheme is very important for the brand to mark a distinctive impression in the mind of a consumer.


PR: What are the major concerns of a brand which digitally printed labels can resolve. How did digital printing help you?

SD: As a start-up, we did not want to invest much initially. The Digital printing unit of Digistik assisted us in launching new products without much capital investment on label printing. There were no MOQ’s and the Print quality delivered was as good as flexo. All this gave us an opportunity to launch multiple products in the market with ease.

With Digistik, our capital cost in terms of Label Printing was greatly reduced. It was a ‘WIN-WIN’ Situation for us.

PR: Did you faced slow down during the pandemic?

SD: We launched our first batch of Alpspure Nutra products on Amazon & Flipkart in October 2020 and the response we received  was very encouraging.

The quality of our product is good. The labels we use are digitally printed at Digistik’s Sonipat plant which are visually very attractive and has been an instant hit with our customers. We have been growing at a steady pace. In fact, in the past 6 months, we have recorded good sales volume.

PR: As we understand, Alpspure Nutra is growing. What are your plans for expansion?

SD: Initially, we started with a single herbal formulation but with time we launched multiple formulations in the market and going forward we are planning to launch a few more. We are planning to grow the product range 5-6 times. By 2022, we may launch 100 more new products which will make our total product range 150 in number by next year.

PR: When you say 100 new products, so how are you  working on Packaging and Labelling requirements for this much expansion?

SD: When we launched our products we opted for simplistic labels but as we grew and established our brand we started experimenting with labels. Going forward with our new launches we will continue this trend. Innovative packaging and attractive labels will be on our platter.

PR: Are these new launches will also be for your e-commerce platform?

SD: Yes, these days customers do not prefer to visit malls or go to stores for shopping. They like to shop online. Having a physical store is a capital intensive move that comes with its own set of challenges. The future is all about online and we believe, India has a long way to go and so do we.

Apart from selling on various e-commerce platforms, we are also selling through our website.


Alpspure Nutra is owned by Alpspure Nutraceuticals Private Limited which is a sister company of Alpspure Lifesciences Private Limited, a leading supplier of exceptional ingredients all around the world. Alpspure Nutra provides a multitude of premium quality supplements which are Made in India and backed by an ISO certification. We share a vision of passion and dedication so that we can offer highest quality nutritional supplements made from globally sourced premium ingredient

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