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The Brand Talk: Sceptre Medical India & Digistik

Sceptre Medical India Pvt Ltd

Rising concerns about hygiene and COVID-19 pandemic spread are drivers of growth of the Health and Hygiene market. It is growing at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecasted period 2020-25 but as no market is without its set of challenges neither is this one.

The lack of customer knowledge in rural India along with the high cost of hygiene products is becoming a challenge for this sector apart from high costs involved in R&D and commercializing the new products.

Despite all these challenges, factors like technological advancements and rising concern about hygiene are some of the factors which are driving the growth in this sector.

The growth of Health & Hygiene sector has opened new doors of opportunities for Label Industry and the much-needed extra thrust to the industry was provided by seismic shift to digital engagement which brought more consumers online.

How a consumer interacts with the product is mainly focused on how it appears on the screen or on the shelf. Within eight seconds a buyer makes up his mind about the product. A perfect label ensures that the brand stands out and is added to the buyer’s cart by creating a positive impression.

Siddharth Manocha, Director from Sceptre Medical India provides us an insight into Health & Hygiene market explaining how hygiene products were a niche commodity but over a period of time this landscape has changed and their journey of growth.

Today, Sceptre Medical is no longer limited to infection control and their clients are not only Hospitals and Institutions. They have outgrown as an Industrial sector hygiene brand to a household brand.

Siddharth Manocha, Director- Sceptre Medical (I) Pvt Ltd


Sharing their journey in becoming India’s most admirable ‘Healthcare Brand 2020-21′ to their budding partnership with Digistik, ‘a company engineered to deliver high-quality digital labels on demand’.  Priyanka Rathi Verma (Digistik) in conversation with Siddharth Manocha

 Priyanka: How were the past 12 Pandemic months for you? How did Sceptre handle the challenges they faced during this period? How did Digistik, their trusted label supplier help them in these challenging times?

Siddharth : At Sceptre, we always say that with challenges come opportunities. The past 12 months have had their fair share of challenges, but they have also pushed us to be better and go the extra mile. As corona virus made its rounds, the consumption and demand for sanitizers and disinfectants in households, medical industry, and commercial establishments grew exponentially. To cater to this growing demand, we increased our production capacity. In September 2020 we decided to setup a new manufacturing unit so that we are able to cater to the ever-growing demand of hygiene products. During the initial lockdown as well, we decided to double our production by ensuring more efficiency as well as hiring additional labour. Needless to say, we were also supported by our raw material and packing material suppliers. Digistik, who always made sure that the labels are, supplied on-time, assisting us in ensuring timely delivery of our goods.

Priyanka: The consumption, as well as the demand for personal hygiene products, will keep rising, even in 2021 and the years ahead. How is Sceptre planning to handle this ongoing rise in demand? How would the services offered by Digistik be of help?

Siddharth: COVID has brought great attention to people about the importance of disinfection and hygiene. With the rise in demand, we have also expanded our product portfolio by introducing Disinfectant Wet Wipes. Not only this, but we have also started our journey to make Sceptre Medical a D2C brand where we can directly serve and connect with the consumer. Along with this, we now also provide Disinfection service to the households and commercial spaces which was earlier just available to medical facilities.

To cater more consumers, we need high quality packaging solutions specially trusted label manufacturers.  In this field, Digistik has been our trusted Label partner for a long time, providing us with high-quality labels for our products. Also, now that we are expanding our product portfolio, different designs and types of labels would be required as packaging and labels positively impact the mind of the consumer to buy the product. We are sure services provided by Digistik will help us achieve our goals.

Priyanka: The demand for ayurvedic and organic products is growing. Will Sceptre plan to offer any hygiene products to cater to this segment of consumers. What will be your expectations from the exceptional services of the Digistik?

Siddharth: Ayurvedic and organic products are on a huge surge since people are now looking for products that are sustainable for a long. And now in the segment of hygiene, we can see a similar demand for ayurvedic and organic products. To cater to the customers for this segment, we are launching a new vertical namely, “Sceptre Organic” where the products will be centered on the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional hygiene solutions. To start with, we’ll launch ayurvedic Baby Wipes which will be curated with absolutely natural and gentle ingredients meant to protect the softest and most sensitive skin. The products will be enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda and organic ingredients and be the best a consumer can hope for. There will be much more in our portfolio shortly where everything will be available under one umbrella.

With Digistik being our label partner, we would expect the same kind of partnership and support from them to build up the quality and distinct labels for the brand ‘Sceptre Organics’ as well. And we are sure that they will be worthy partners on this exciting journey with us, and we’ll be able to create magic together!

About Sceptre Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

For over a decade, Sceptre has excelled in providing a one-stop solution for disinfectants.With its complete range of disinfectant solutions, Sceptre has become a pioneer in the field of hygiene and germs control. India’s most admirable healthcare brand.



About Digistik:

Digistik is the only label printing company built from the ground up on a digital platform, with a complete focus on delivering high definition photo-quality graphics. Our use of digital printing technology truly differentiates us from the competition. Our locations use state of art Digital presses, and our entire order is designed to take the complexity out of buying Self Adhesive/Pressure Sensitive Labels. With Multiple locations throughout India, we serve local and regional brands of all sizes.




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