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The global hair removal wax market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 9.4% during the forecasted period from 2018-2026. In terms of volume, the market is expected to reach over 5000 million units at a CAGR of approx. 8% in 2026, owing to rising trends in personal grooming and rapidly changing lifestyle.

The Asia Pacific has marked its dominance in the hair removal wax market as China and India are the largest producers having a large number of small and medium-scale manufacturers operational.

The hair removal wax market in the Asia Pacific is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the above forecasted period. Rising disposable income and growing population in India and China are two major factors fueling this growth.

The ongoing Pandemic has sent a shock wave throughout the nations. Government’s stringent regulations have put a hold on sales due to stores, Parlours and Spas closure leading to massive slowdown.  But someone has rightly said, “when one door closes, another opens up”. Many manufacturers in the hair removal wax sector have routed themselves to online selling.


Rahul Sharma, Director-Sleek Wax

The King of Wax, Rahul Sharma of Sleek wax is one such Industry Leader who did his best during these tough times by not only ensuring the successful existence of his business but also by contributing to the survival of the people who are associated directly or indirectly with the Industry.

Priyanka Rathi Verma, Digistik In Conversation with Rahul Sharma, Sleek wax

Priyanka: To subdue the effect of Pandemic many manufactures esp. in the cosmetic and hair wax removal sector switched to produce hand sanitizers and disinfectant products. What was your survival strategy, how did you cope up during this period?

Rahul: Well Priyanka, we never switched to hand sanitiser’s or disinfectant products.

Instead, this lockdown taught everyone to be hygienic and removing unwanted hair from the body is the best way to remain hygienic & here we hit the deck by giving best quality of hygienic wax to all our clients. Honestly speaking hair removing wax became the essential product in every home during this lockdown as essential product rather than just being a cosmetic product.

 Priyanka: Did you find consumers evolving during this period of pandemic especially in the context of their buying behavior?

Rahul: Yes, for sure, we were rather surprised by the huge response in demand of hair

removing wax in this pandemic era and as we are the best hygienic wax manufacturer with

fully automated plants we were able to adhere to this demand . To our surprise younger generation showed very remarkable Jump & became our consumers during this lockdown. We warmly welcomed many young customers to the world of sleek.

 Priyanka: What inspired your move of revamping and launching your product with new Packaging and Labelling into the E-commerce market and what are your long term goals regarding the same.

Rahul: E-commerce is the need of the hour specially during this pandemic era. Most of the

Population i.e. young – old or middle aged are more tech – savvy now & with mobile commerce buying online has become convenient. As I already mentioned that we have observed our labels of product carefully, the bold & crystal clear labels has attracted huge customers boosting our sales. In future also we will be work on innovative labels and keep fulfilling the requirements of our consumers.

Priyanka: When you decided to launch your product on an E-commerce platform, what Label prerequisites you focused on and discussed with your Label convertor. What were the specific key areas you wanted to be addressed?

Rahul: A proper environmental scanning was done before entering into online platform. Each

and every pre-launch requirement were handled with utmost care so that no confusion remains to our consumers.

I am  sure that after going through our labels i.e. specifications, directions to use, cautions & other valuable information, the consumers will be fully educated, before going ahead with their purchase decision and landing up with the right product in their buying cart. Once again, I will  emphasise that bold & crystal  clear labels speak loud in favour of organization, leading to increasing sales graph online.

Priyanka: Labels are essential. How much value as a brand you place on the importance of Labels in context of them being an important tool in boosting the sale or impressing a customer to buy your product.

Rahul: Our labels and packaging are silent salesman describing all the specifications & other details very transparently. We have always earned an extra edge over our competitors, because of our labelling. For us value of labels are of prime importance and  that is why we work with the best in the industry for our labels, the ones who completely understand the requirements of consumers & can guide us on the subject of ‘Right Labels to Use’ and ‘How to  Boost our Sales with Labels’,  which are impressive & educative.


About Sleek Wax:

Incorporated all most three decades ago, Sleek Wax are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Hair Removing Wax in India. In our exclusive range, we offer Hot Wax, Cold Wax, Chocolate Wax, Aloe Vera Wax, Strawberry Wax, and Facial Wax. To know more about them Visit


About Digistik:

Digistik is the only label printing company built from the ground up on a digital platform, with a complete focus on delivering high definition photo-quality graphics. Our use of digital printing technology truly differentiates us from the competition. Our locations use state of art Digital presses, and our entire order is designed to take the complexity out of buying Self Adhesive/Pressure Sensitive Labels. With Multiple locations throughout India, we serve local and regional brands of all sizes.


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