Innovative Manufacturing for Green Consumer Behaviour

More and more consumers are becoming open to the usage of natural or Organic products. This fact can be supported by the trend of Environmental and Health Awareness. Consumers today focus on brand value and what a business stands for. This phenomenon is also understood by producers, who understand the need for it.

Digistik appreciates this Green movement and has designed its business model around it. We are committed to giving sustainable labeling solutions through eco-friendly manufacturing. With extensive research and partnering with HP, Digistik has inherent more earth-friendly solutions.

Introducing 4 ways How Digistik manufactures its labels:

1. Carbon-neutral by Digital Transformation

The first step is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible. The choice of Digital printing helps in reducing CO2 emissions. At Digistik, our HP Indigo 6900 are presses are carbon-neutral, allowing the process, allowing the process of digitally printing our labels to have a lower environmental impact than conventional printing.

HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press

2. Reducing Waste

With digital printing, waste is reduced substantially. Unlike with conventional printers, with digital printing, printing plates are not needed for the creation, setup, and production of each SKU. Printing plates wear and tear with time, and new plates need to be created anytime there is a change made to a packaging design, leading to more wasted materials. With digital print, files are uploaded to the press and printed, as you would do on your home printer, which eliminates the waste associated with plates.

So, no plates mean fewer materials are required, and less waste is produced.

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3. No Excess Inventory

As our tagline says, “Labels on Demand”, brands can print multiple SKUs in one-run(Variable Data Printing) when required. Brands can place low minimum orders and save both cost and waste. Digistik is giving brands the advantage of keeping inventory according to its demand in the market and also not lose money due to a changed recipe, design, certification, or regulation.

This helps in putting more money in the pockets of a brand to use it as required.

4. Smart Printing with the best technology

With our revolutionary photo-print technology, brands get to have the best in the market. Also, materials involved in digital print – from the inks to the films – are sustainable. In addition to our HP digital presses being carbon neutral, they use polymer-based inks, which do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). These sustainable inks consume less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases than solvent-based or UV-curable inks typically used in traditional packaging manufacturing.

With digital printing, you also have sustainable packaging options, including recyclable PE-PE films, as well as films made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin content. Both types of packaging keep plastic out of landfills, which is a win-win for brands and consumers alike.

How it can help your brand?

The increasing awareness of consumers towards preferring green products is placing green consumption into focus more and more. Based on the global research of Nielsen in 2015, the number of consumers that wish to reach an increased interest in green products is highest in the Asian-Pacific region.

So, by partnering with a Manufacturer like Digistik, you can not only save money but create your “Organic” brand’s idea stronger. The fact is, switching to digital printing will save you from wasted resources and time. Also, you can enjoy an easy ordering process and quick deliveries.

More Can be learned about the process by watching this video:

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