What’s happening in the market?

The changing world of label printing 

Everything you buy as a consumer comes with a label. Whether it has instructions on how to use a product, nutrition information, or just a design to catch the consumer’s attention, each label has its unique role in the product. 

Product labeling fights consumer attention in any industry or big-box retailer. Printed labels are big business in Asia, the largest geographic market at 35% of the total. To meet that demand, manufacturers of digital printers and inks must continue innovating to meet the needs of customers. Product labels have considerable utility. 

Current Scenario:

Many businesses will choose traditional printing methods for their labels. But with an increased focus towards waste reduction, trial launches, quick delivery, and cost-utility- Digital Printing has gained a very big market share.

Since technology is advancing, with the rising demands of people, Branding becomes the utmost important tool when it comes to standing out from the rest. So, through the technology of Variable Data Printing, brands can have the advantage of customized and personalized labels for their new products.

Digital printing in itself is a game-changer, with no-plate costs and premium quality, this changes the game for short and medium enterprises. The 3-4 days delivery time will enable you to take advantage of moving fast in the market.

Digistik bringing Revolution

To meet changing label printing requirements over the past 50 years, the dominant label printing technology of the time has undergone several changes. The most recent developments in label printing have largely focused on what is called Digital Printing. 

Digital printing is all about new ways of working. It’s about enhanced color management. Digistik is in a problem-solving industry and has understood it well. Today’s customer needs modern approaches and innovative solutions. Digistik uses many new applications, such as Variable Data Printing, photo-print technology, IML, Print OSX, and many more. We have brought in on-demand culture in the label industry. This on-demand printing technology advantage eases the operations of brands and saves their cost as well as time.

Digistik is the first label supplier in India built entirely on Digital printing technology. This method is also eco-friendly, which reflects our vision of sustainability. Being technology-driven, and totally based on wide web digital printing technology, Digistik strives to service excellence.


Your Brand + Digistik = Awesome

Small and medium brands, which always wanted premium quality for their labels at low order can get the same now. Whether you are looking for high-quality imaging or a simple logo for your product. With our Variable Data Printing, businesses can get the advantage of printing multiple SKUs in one-go. This means once the digital file is sent over, your labels are ready to print in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Our mission is to focus more on customer satisfaction, rather than profit maximization. If we can help lift a brand with their label, Digistik’s mission is completed. We aim to provide industry-leading customer service and have designed our manufacturing model around it.


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