The Brand Talk -HealthKart & Digistik: In Conversation with Ankit Garg and Rishi Singh

Ankit Garg, General Manager -Supply Chain and Rishi Singh, Manager Procurement Operation Import-RM & PM from Health Kart, speaks to Priyanka Rathi Verma (Sai Digistik, a digital unit of Sai Com Codes Flexoprint Pvt. Ltd.) about ‘How Digital Labeling has streamlined the Production and Supply Chain landscape for them and about their budding association with Digistik’

Digistik: Before we dive into the world of digital printing solutions, we may like to know more about HealthKart


Ankit Garg-GM Supply Chain

Ankit Garg : HealthKart is a medium offering Personal Wellness and Health Wellness for individuals through several brands under their kit. We thrive to bring products which can impart immunity in people of every age. We are providing comprehensive solutions to individuals for their needs of healthy well-being through a diverse portfolio of products.

Digistik:  Digital printing makes economic sense for brands which are looking for smaller run sizes to experiment with the new products on block. How did Digistik addressed this crucial issue for HK Team

Rishi Singh: Yes, in the current scenario demand is very volatile and to sustain we need to keep doing advancements based on consumers’ needs. We experiment with new products continuously and even make small modifications in current Top-Selling products as well based on the consumer’s feedback. The Digital Printing solution provided to us by Digistik enabled us to save time and resolve MOQ issues while implementing the new projects and during continuous changes.

Digistik: Not only the smaller run sizes of label but right label media type is also equally important for any brand to stand out on the shelf. How did Digistik assisted HK in making the right choice.


Rishi Singh- Manager Procurement Operation Import- RM & PM

Rishi Singh: Yes, Label Media type (PP white, Metallic film & Paper) offered by Digistik gave us a stand-out advantage on store shelves.

Our Label designs, Print and Post operation like Gloss, Matt UV as well as decoration like Screening gave us an advantage over other players

Digistik: Service and Cost are two very important parameters for any company which needs redressal in the right way and has always been a central issue while making any business choice. To what extent Sai Digistik made this choice easy for HK


Ankit Garg: Service and Cost are two important factors for any organization and both supplement each other in a normal scenario. Digistik offered us great services at very competitive price. With Digistik, we got one stop solution which perfectly balanced the both key factors, Service and Cost.  We approached Digistik as a part of our cost optimization process and needed a customized solution wherein Digistik offered us the cost advantage by either increasing the MOQ’s of our top-selling product or by clubbing different SKU’s in one kit. They offered us a great service advantage by delivering the new projects in no- Time.



About Sai Digistik

Digistik is the only label printing company built from the ground up on a digital platform, with a complete focus on delivering high definition photo-quality graphics. Our use of digital printing technology truly differentiates us from the competition. Our locations use state of art Digital presses, and our entire order is designed to take the complexity out of buying Self Adhesive/Pressure Sensitive Labels. With Multiple locations throughout India, we serve local and regional brands of all sizes.



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