Pre Media and Digital Printing

Having experience of over 6 years in Pre-Press, Our team of expert designers has worked on prominent projects with utmost dedication and organizational skills. Their ability to work under pressure and efficient delivery are what sets them apart from the rest of our competitors.

The Pre-media process includes designing the file; checking the images, fonts, and resolution; ordering dies for cutting the labels, and forwarding it for printing. Although this job looks critical on paper, our team of experts can ace it without breaking a sweat, thanks to their exceptional skills and capabilities. The entire process of pre-press and delivering the outcome usually takes up to 2-3 days. 

Our pre-press printing services are considered one of the best in the industry. Our team has also created a specified label catalog for us, which is in itself a modern approach in the label manufacturing industry. To showcase our work and expertise, you can view this catalog on-demand.

At Digistik, we have strict policies and norms to keep the designs of our customers in the most secure form. Our specialist pre-press team is not only efficient in printing, but they can advise our customers as well. The designers are well-equipped with technologies and modern trends to design labels and help customers with their designs, giving them the best customized-printing solutions.

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