Label is arguably the most aesthetically-pleasing part of a liquor bottle. For manufacturers, labels give them a chance to tell their story. Not only that, it differentiates you from your competitors, which in turn helps you in branding.

There are many parts of the label printing process that can factor into the end result, whether it’s printing with eco-friendly technology or material selection itself. Being the first Digital Label Printing Platform in India, we focus on delivering superior quality custom liquor labels on your doorstep.

Quick Turnaround

We’ll start working as soon as you send your digital file. And the product will reach you within the timeframe of 3 days.

Bargain Price

We offer the best prices for short and medium-run orders, that too without any minimum order quantity!


We truly and deeply care about our environment, that’s why we use completely eco-friendly technology.

Premium Quality

With HP 6900 Indigo presses at our helm, we print the high-definition labels with a minimal carbon footprint.

We aim to provide state-of-the-art customer service, thus our manufacturing platform is optimized to offer true high-definition custom printing with variable imaging and the elimination of plate fees while enabling customers to print on demand and avoid inventory and obsolescence costs.